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Best Baklava on this side of Dallas!

Baklava may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pizza restaurant. However, what would you think of a pizza restaurant that sells pizza and baklava? That’s one of the reasons Mona Lisa Pizza is so unique. We offer your traditional cheese and pepperoni pizzas, but we also have various specialized menu items that make us different than your average pizza place. For example, our Fate Fire Fighter pizza, our Hawaiian pizza, and, of course, our desserts.

What is baklava?

Mona Lisa BaklavaFor those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a dessert dish of Middle Eastern origin. It is made of phyllo pastry and filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey. Almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are the common types of nut used. The honey is often mixed with a dash of lemon and cinnamon to make for a mouth-watering flavor. Lastly, the phyllo dough creates a look of elegance, but it also tastes fantastic. This pastry is shaped and sliced into slabs that have the width of a napkin. It’s layered throughout the serving to look something like what you see in the photo.

Mona Lisa’s baklava

Mona Lisa Pizza offers two baklava menu options. Specifically, the single order and the full tray. Our single order consists of two pieces. It’s good for a sit-down meal by yourself or with another person. Of course, once you try it, you’ll want both pieces for yourself. The single order is priced at $3.99. It’s a steal of a price for a specialized dessert that is rarely served in the United States.

In addition, our second menu option offers a full tray. A full tray equals 24 pieces and it’s priced at $59.99. Obviously, this option is best for large gatherings, perhaps family get together, or a work outing. The popularity of our tray of baklava is so extreme that we ask you to order it one day in advance. We want to make sure it is ready for you, as well as ensure we have enough to meet the high demand from consumers. Mona Lisa Pizza does accept special requests orders and we do offer bulk pricing. It’s an exceptional dessert choice for your friends and family. You can order pizza along with it, or just purchase the tray by itself, up to you!

Try Mona Lisa’s baklava!

Expand your taste buds! We take great pride in our cultured dessert and we want everyone to try a piece. It’s not commonly served throughout the country, and especially not throughout Texas. We guarantee our baklava is the best on this side of Dallas, TX, and probably in the entire state! Check out our menu to select the appetizer and main course to go along with your baklava.

Contact us today; we look forward to serving you!

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