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Come enjoy pizza Royse City, TX!

Pizza Royse City – Mona Lisa Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest inventions ever. Not only does it hold a savory taste, but it’s also versatile and dependable. There is a reason pizza is craved so incredibly often. Next time your share the crave, come enjoy pizza Royse City, TX. More specifically, come to Mona Lisa Pizza!

Pizza with a personal touch

pizza Royse CityChain pizza restaurants are all about quantity over quality. They just want to make as many pizzas as possible so they can meet demand. That’s nice, but have you ever compared a pizza from a chain restaurant to one from a specialty restaurant? The difference is truly noticeable.

Mona Lisa Pizza is a family-owned establishment that has been serving pizza Royse City since 1999. Each of our pizzas is hand-crafted with fresh ingredients, including same-day-made dough. It’s not all machine production. Rather, we create our pizzas with a personal touch.

This stands true for some of our most popular specialty pizzas, such as our Hawaiian pizza or our Fate Fire Fighter pizza. Good luck finding unique pizzas like those at a chain restaurant. Hawaiian maybe, but you certainly won’t find a personal, city-inspired pizza.

Sit-down and delivery

Customers these days are lucky to find a few tables within chain restaurants. It almost seems options for pizza now are delivery or nothing. We don’t like that. While we do provide stellar delivery services, we like to show off our family-made restaurant and we like for customers to enjoy our family atmosphere. Mona Lisa Pizza is just as much about customer experience as it is about top-notch pizza.

Come see for yourself! You won’t see white walls with generic paintings that are meant simply to fill space. Rather, you’ll see what makes us unique. You’ll see our story. Bring your family in, your son’s soccer team, or get away from work with a satisfying lunch. We welcome all!

And it’s not just pizza

Yes, pizza is our most well-known and prideful commodity. But Mona Lisa Pizza’s menu spans beyond pizza. We serve salads, wings, sandwiches and pastas. Believe it or not, not everyone is a pizza lover. Thus, other options are available. And these aren’t thoughtless options that are thrown together sparingly. Nope, we put just as much effort in our non-pizza dishes as we do our pizza dishes.

Of course, appetizers and desserts are important too. You can start out with cheesy bread sticks and finish with our very own Baklava dessert. How many pizza restaurants serve Baklava!? That’s just one appetizer/dessert combination for you to consider.

We try to make our selections as enticing as possible on paper (or the web, technically), but the best way for us to back up the talk is to prove it. Come enjoy pizza Royse City, TX at Mona Lisa Pizza! Delivery, take-out, or sit-down, we’ll serve you a high-quality dish. You can take a look at our menu via our website——and please visit our blog for additional tasty information.

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